Supporters Must Be Cultivated To Take Action

Posted by Davies on Oct 7, 2019 4:14:58 PM

Natural Gas_Cultivation_v2Advocates are cultivated supporters, it’s up to you to cultivate. With six of ten Americans in support of natural gas, we have all the love we need. Now we need that support to be activated. In the 2016 democratic primary, millennials favored Bernie Sanders - he was loved by 60-80% of Democratic millennials. However, only about 20-30% of millennials voted in the key primaries.

He was loved, yet they were not activated. Think, what if Bernie sent them a note or text to remind them to vote - relating to an issue they both care about a lot? Would the turnout have been higher? Oh yeah.

Our objective here is to find supporters, those who have influence get extra points. Those who are easy to get a hold of by phone or text are good because it is easier to get them to act. Cultivating a relationship with those willing to engage with you is creating an army to act and accelerate decisions. And we don’t need the 60% who support natural gas - we need just 2% or 3% who support and are willing to step up and call, write, email or attend a hearing.

Cultivating a relationship is a bit of a lost art today. We have instant relationships on social media. We click support, like or the little heart and yet it is insignificant. I find myself saying, “why am I following these people, what was I thinking?”

Cultivation is the lost art of real relationships and that is what it takes to get someone to make a commitment to your project and to be consistent to that commitment.

Small or big events are key. Get them to show and love them up, show they are not alone in support. Follow-up with them by email (and occasionally with a nice note by mail).

By keeping them informed and getting them frustrated or excited by the process, they get in the game with you. For many, it becomes a cause.

And like you would with a friend, you keep them up to date with simple materials with links to more detail. Say thank you a lot. Let them know how much you appreciate their help. Say thank you again.

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